Friday, March 02, 2012

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It’s Friday, party people! Here are some thoughts from this week:

It’s March! Which means by the end of this month, it will officially be spring. Which, living here in New England, does not necessarily mean it will feel like spring, but I have all of my fingers and toes crossed. I have worn my winter coat a grand total of THREE times this winter. Now, I hate wearing coats, so I wear them less often than regular (by "regular" I mean people who like to be warm) people, but only three times in Connecticut is pretty amazing. Anyway, I do not want to add to that number, and frankly, I just would like a nice long spring, so let’s start it right now, OK?

I’ve been reading some possible scripts for an upcoming spring show with my nerdy theater group. We don’t have a title nailed down yet, but auditions will be in the beginning of April, and then we’re off! Not sure exactly what my involvement will be this time around, but oh, I WILL be involved. Mama needs her hobby back. Mama's getting antsy.

Speaking of Mama, the following is a little exchange between Jane and myself yesterday (if we’re friends on Facebook, sorry, you’ve already seen this):

Jane: Am I going to get married someday?

Me: Someday when you’re older like Mommy, you can get married if you want to.

Jane: ….when I’m seven?

That’s just a little Jane-related humor for you.

Speaking of Jane, I know I hinted on Twitter last week-ish that I have been contemplating how much I share about her, and how I think I should do less of that here (although, really, I don’t share too much on the blog anymore, I don’t think. My Facebook page is Jane-heavy). There is a whole uproar right now concerning Heather Armstrong, author of the massively popular Dooce blog, because she started going off on her 1.5M Twitter followers, and people were really upset, etc, etc (go here if you want the backstory, and the comments are great). Anyway, a part of the discussion about Dooce is about whether it’s right to share so much about your child(ren) on a public site, in terms of their right to privacy. And, OBVIOUSLY, like, three people read this blog, but it IS public, and…..well……this is just something I’m thinking about. More to come later, I’m sure. I clearly don’t have a coherent thought in my head about it now.

BUT, speaking of the blog, and writing in general, as you know, I’ve been kinda blah about posting here lately. And once again I was contemplating just taking a few months off (which I’ve never actually done! I don’t think I’ve ever taken a full month off of the blog. My poor readers.). BUT THEN. My internet friends Kim, Dominique and Onyi came up with a super-amazeballs awesomely awesome FORTNIGHT OF STORY TELLING project called Scintilla. Please please go here and read up on it, and join in for the fun the last two weeks of March. (I mean, the last fortnight of March. I AM SO EXCITED TO BE INVOLVED IN SOMETHING THAT HAS “FORTNIGHT” IN THE TITLE, GOD I AM SO AMERICAN.)

At my core, I like to think I’m a writer. I do some writing for my real life job, and I used to be a journalist, and my last job was writing-heavy. But I have always thought I could put more into the blog. But sometimes you need a little kick, don’t you? That’s why I’ve done things like Reverb and NaBloPoMo. But for some reason, this project seems more….special, and I think it’s because it was created by these three mega-talented ladies who I met on the big, giant internet. And I am grateful.

Speaking of grateful –I am very very grateful it is the weekend! We don’t have a ton scheduled – I’ve got my moms’ happy hour tonight, Jane has swimming lessons in the morning, I have book club tomorrow night (where we will be discussing Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, which I hadn’t read til now, if you can believe it). (PS: not my favorite.) I also am picking the next book, so I get to do the big reveal tomorrow night. And for book club geeks, this is a BIG DEAL.

So, to conclude this extremely rambling and mostly ridiculous post, I bid you a happy weekend!


Stereo said...

I'm fist pumping. I hope you know this.

Tracy said...

yes they had me at fortnight as well...

Kim said...

Your happy is my happy. I'm really hoping these bring you the something extra you've been hoping for... mainly because I know that burn-out feeling (I had it last fall, SO BAD) and I was ready to beg people to give me something to write about.

Also: I have to say that I have always thought your blog treated Jane respectfully and never went overboard on mommy stuff. I've said this to you before, I know. I've often wondered what my mom would have blogged if these things had existed in the seventies and eighties, what it would have been like to see her impressions of what it was like to raise us. I think I'm glad I don't know, at times, but now that she's gone, I would grab at anything she'd written. She never kept a journal.