Monday, March 05, 2012

Five Thoughts.

In the spirit of warming up my typing fingers before Scintilla begins, please do enjoy my rambling thoughts:

Thought the First: This week has all the ingredients of being super-annoying. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow which won’t be fun, and then on Wednesday we have another kindergarten orientation meeting with Jane (if you remember, last time she freaked and wouldn’t let me leave her in the classroom with the perfectly nice teacher and fellow students). I am pretty much dreading both of these events.

Thought the Second: Please disregard Thought the First. I have been trying to be less negative and complainy. Because I think when people think “negative and complainy” (yes, I see your red line, Spellcheck, and I AM IGNORING IT BECAUSE COMPLAINY IS A WORD NOW) they often think of me. And I don’t like that association. So instead, I will look at the happy and positive: I have plans to go to NYC on Saturday. And there are very few things better than that.

Thought the Third: When people have kids, they often will say they don’t want them to grow up, which I think is kind of creepy, because if they don’t grow up….well….then what happens? But I did decide last night that 4 ½ is pretty much the perfect age. Jane is right on the brink of becoming a real KID who goes to PUBLIC SCHOOL and everything, and even though she is at daycare every day, I feel like this time where she is just ours is quickly dwindling away. This doesn’t make any sense, as she is not really just ours now (please see aforementioned “is at daycare every day”) but it’s what I’m thinking, so there. Pretty much one of my favorite things these days is to listen to her playing in the other room, bossing her dolls around, or “reading” her books…she’s so imaginative and funny and creative and…I don’t know. I guess I feel a tiny bit proud, like we’ve done pretty good with her so far. Oh, shut up Amanda. (Remember when I said I was going to stop blogging about Jane? So far, so good.) (I mean, so bad.)

Thought the Fourth: I have decided to starve myself during the month of March and if I don’t lose any weight I’m going to start severing off limbs. In other words, I need to lose weight. (Again.) PS I am terrible at starving myself. PPS I am eating popcorn as I type this.

Thought the Fifth/Request the First: Please tell me one fun thing you are doing this week. You know – reward me for all of this fine writing I just did.


Bryan Austermann said...

Having never met Jane, I think she's super awesome. She sounds like the best kid ever. I mean, she's got a pretty awesome mom. Her dad, well.. I don't know him. But I know he gets mancolds a lot. (I currently have a bit of one myself)

Starving yourself is definitely the way to go. I do that every day. Until I eat food.

And one fun thing I'm doing this week... nope. Too many fun things, I shall tell you them in chronological order!
Godspell Lotto tomorrow - getting my "I Went Back Day by Day" Lotto Loyalty shirt!
Meeting for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Bucket Brigade! I'm gonna be one of them people who takes your moneys after the shows for about a month! WOO!
Sutton. Foster. Anything. Goes.
Maybe seeing an NYU play/musical, or Macbeth rehearsal and then Partying hard.
Friday: Getting excited for Saturday
Saturday: Seeing you and Lisa! The most exciting of all the events this week!

And finally.... Complainy

co_cor3000 said...

Complainy was here O-12. (yup there's the little red line, just like you said)

Dan Russell said...

I'm spending every second I'm not scheduled at the conference running around to all the improv theatres in LA. #myfunthing

lgaumond said...

My fun thing this week is that I'm going to lunch with someone very special tomorrow. And you had BETTER NOT be starving yourself then because I am not good about eating alone.

Just for the record, I have never thought of you as negative and complainey, I think of you as someone who often won't cut herself a break and allow herself to be unhappy because she thinks that seems negative and complainey.

Debra said...

Evidently spending the week trying to win back one very p.o.'d puggle.

I know you've heard this a million times, but: the older they get the faster it goes. I took K to K-Garten yesterday & now she's 20 & in her own apartment and dating.

I too am working on the 'complainy' nature of my personality.

Brandeewine said...

Trust are no more complainy than anyone else. I hope that orientation goes well. I know how hard it is to let go, as I'm facing that with our is graduating from high school and one starts high school this next year. Dammit, it goes so fast!

Yea, for plans on Saturday!

Fun this week...well, 3 out of 4 in my house are sick (me, included) so big fun here Abbey on my laptop? :)


Stereo said...

"PPS. I am eating popcorn as I type this."

Every time I come here, you give me another reason to adore you.