Sunday, March 09, 2008

Junior bolts!

So today we decided to take the whole family to West Hartford Center for a walk. We don't do this very often because, as you can imagine, it's a pain in the ass to deal with two rambunctious dogs and a stroller. But today we felt sorry enough for the dogs that we took them along. About ten seconds into our walk, Junior somehow got loose and starting bolting down the street - galloping, really. Greg had Jimmy and started running after Junior, but Jimmy was slowing him down. He's yelling to me, "take Jimmy, take Jimmy!," but I can't catch up to him, and in the meantime, I've totally ditched Jane on the sidewalk. As I catch up to Greg, I hear "Amanda!" and look behind me. It's my friend Beth and her fiance, who had been across the street shopping for wedding rings. I throw them Jimmy and follow Greg, who finally caught Junior before he hit the intersection. I basically had to sit on the sidewalk to recover from the experience, which took about 30 seconds in total but was very exhausting nonetheless! It was quite humiliating to have an audience for the whole thing, but luckily Beth and Jay were friends and not potential baby kidnappers, considering I'd just left Jane there, napping away, oblivious to the whole thing.

A while later, we were walking along, with Jimmy's leash tied to Greg's pants. I'm not sure why Greg did that, but he seemed to think it was an easier way of handling both dogs. Jimmy of course got excited about something (perhaps the seemingly hundreds of pooches walking around the Center?) and tugged Greg's pants so hard that his button popped off.

We left shortly after, figuring that if Greg's pants fell completely down, we'd never be allowed in West Hartford again.


Alan said...

And you keep saying that there's no excitement in your life....

lgaumond said...

OMG, I can't imagine! How lucky that Beth moved to West Hartford.