Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the return of the worst blogger ever

Yup, that's me.

Sorry I've been MIA, yet again. My life, it is not exciting. Certainly not exciting enough to be taking up room on the interwebs (sorry Lisa). But here I am, with an update. Easter is coming up, and we are having 17 people over on Sunday. We are abso-freaking-lutely not prepared for this in any way. We're having someone come over to clean the house (for reals) on Saturday, and then after that, I will clean what I feel she didn't clean good enough. I am completely neurotic when my family comes over - we live in a state of disarray over here and it's slightly embarrassing to me. Plus I have to cook, and we all know that's not a good thing.

Work continues to be madness.

Spring is coming! Or so the calendar tells me. I don't believe it because it's still ass cold out and I'm still wearing gloves, but it is March 18, and it can't stay cold that much longer. It just CAN'T - do you hear me, Mother Nature? I am very jealous of my friend who is going on vacation to Arizona. I am desperate for warm weather.

Uhhhh......yeah. Let's see. Cap'n Greg is continuing to get the boat ready, for our summer on the water. And..uhh...zzzzzz

Sorry, I just fell asleep reading my own blog.


lgaumond said...

You're not the worst, (Keith hasn't updated his blog in over a year), and you're not boring! Your life is so much the opposite of mine that I find it FASCINATING. OK, maybe not always fascinating, but always interesting.

doomengine said...

Disarray at your place? I always assumed your house was in a constant state of perfection.

The Diva said...


You said "Ass cold."