Friday, April 22, 2011

friday randoms.

OK, so I planned on using this whole day to clean and shop for Easter. But the thing is, I did a lot of the cleaning after work this week. And then I spent all this morning shopping. So now I am sitting here on my new heating pad (I am obsessed with my heating pad - and my old one died earlier this week) (and my back hurts a lot) (and basically, I just love my heating pad)...ok, where was I? Oh yeah, I am sitting here on my new heating pad and watching Sex and the City reruns. Why do I never get bored of this show? I have seen this episode eleventy billion times (the one where Carrie goes to Aiden's cabin in the country and Miranda finds out Steve has testicular cancer) yet it never gets old.

Anyway, the weather continues to be cold here in CT. And it is indeed bullshit. But I noticed when I was out walking this morning that the tree branches are getting noticeably greener. And flowers are poking out. And despite that winter has stayed waaaay too long at the party, spring seems about ready to kick its ass out. Do it, spring. Make it happen. I am really sick of that asshole winter.

This is the last weekend (well, half weekend, since Easter is on Sunday) that I will be Internet-free. As you recall, I gave up all Internet-related activities on the weekends as part of Lent. And, friends, let me tell you, it sucks. Sucks! I get it that I need to leave the BlackBerry at home when I'm out with my family. This is a very good idea and I will continue to try to do it. But I am over being completely unplugged.

I am also over abstaining from cookies and candy. Because I am still trying to lose weight (as always), I don't want to gorge all day Sunday on crap. So tomorrow I plan on going out to get a really great (most likely huge) cookie and some really delicious chocolate (probably from here) and have that for breakfast on Sunday. I can't wait.

What random things do you have to share?


Tracy said...

Ah a new post! Delightfully random! We are going up to my mom's up north for the weekend and yes, hopefully going internet free again. Hoping for good weather now that our 10 inches snow is disappearing. Kite flying perhaps. Food. Kettlebell - must keep up with my 21 day challenge. Perusing the used bookstore on the bay, spending time with family, walking outside, sipping chai bombs (chai with espresso). I hope you have an equally delightful weekend! We are going to paint eggs tonight. :) It's the little things. LOVE IT! Thank you for this post Amanda!

Stereo said...

I have to say that I'm totally looking forward to seeing you during the weekends and reading more of your posts. Hoping it warms up for you soon, lady!

S said...

Enjoy your giant cookie, your internet and lots of chocolate. Happy Easter!

Oh, and I totally love my heating pad too. :)