Monday, April 11, 2011

weekend review.

What a weekend! I can’t believe how much I need today off, just to recover from the insanity of this weekend. We had a lovely time going to dinner with Greg’s parents on Friday night. We went to a place called Bill’s Seafood in Westbrook, and, in my mind, they have the best lobster roll EVER. Seriously, I’ve done a decent amount of research. If you know of another place in the area, please let me know. Then we went back to his parents’ house and had cake. Oh, delicious cake, how I've eaten way too much of you over the past week. Unfortunately, Jane didn’t fall asleep on the way home (part of my epic plan), so she didn’t go to bed until after 10 p.m.- ugh.

On Saturday, my sister showed up bright and early to take over Jane duties and we headed to the train station in New Haven. I wanted to get the 9:30 train to Grand Central, so we literally ran for it. Well, we made it, the train drove for about five minutes, then they told us we had to go back to the station and switch trains. We squished on to the 9:56 train (already full), and finally headed to NY. You can imagine how thrilled everyone on following stops were when they realized they had to stand the whole time. Although Greg and I weren’t sitting together, I was glad I was sitting at all. Seriously, when you have a three-year-old climbing all over you all weekend, a train ride with the freedom to read your magazines (albeit, with the stranger next to you reading over your shoulder) is really like a vacation.

New York was great as always – although I wish we had more time to walk around. It was truly beautiful out. We grabbed lunch and then went off to see the infamous Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Whoa – this show has issues. Big time. The stunts are amazing – although you can totally see why they have had so many issues; there are so many ways they can go wrong – but the other, non-stunty parts of the show were, at times, absolutely awful. The music was 100% non-memorable (sorry, Bono and Edge – even Greg agrees), at times, I felt like the actors didn’t totally get their lines right (because they were probably changed that morning) and the book was profoundly bad. The set was pretty cool though. All in all, I give it a C-, with a personal grade of an F, because I hate comic books.

Saturday night, we watched the movie Morning Glory and it was pretty funny. I just thought I’d throw that out there, if you are looking for a mindless movie to watch. It was better than I expected.

Sunday, Jane and I went to my friends’ house for an egg hunt. Their daughter Olivia is Jane’s age, and they are quite the duo! It was really cute, Jane had a blast, and after declaring that I wouldn’t eat a lot on Sunday, I stuffed my face with treats. On Sunday night, we went to my sister’s house for my mother’s birthday party, ate more treats, pizza and cake, and now I am a giant house who really needs to eat like a normal person for the rest of the week.

All in all, a very good weekend. How was yours?

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Tracy said...

Yum! Lobster roll sounds great! What was it like exactly? Sounds like you had a delightful time! That is always a good thing! We had a nice weekend too - up north at my mom's. Jess and I got to get out by ourselves for a few hours - for nice lunch on the bay and then Aurora Books which is a used bookstore that has a terrific atmosphere that I LOVE. Then I took some pictures of the lighthouse and - oh it was just a lovely Saturday. Last night when we got home, we had the tornado warnings but all is well. Sorry the show sort of sucked. But very cool that you got to see it. :) Happy Monday!