Tuesday, April 05, 2011

three things.

Here are three things I would like to share right now:

1) I have decided I despise Glee. It jumped the shark halfway through season 1 and it never really regained traction, but now it totally sucks. I watched the alcohol episode the other night, and I couldn't believe how annoyed I was. It was like, all of the sudden all the glee club nerds were big-time drinkers, even doing so during school hours and vomiting all over each other during performances. This came out of nowhere. They just pick a theme for an episode and squeeze the storyline around it, with no regard for the past or the future of these characters. In conclusion, I am quitting this show (probably after this season - but there is a very real possibility I won't make it through the whole season). Which sucks, because when it came out, I felt it was a show made just for me.

2) Speaking of me being a total showtune nerd, I am happy to report that I loooved Memphis when I went to see it with my mom in New York on Saturday. There were plot points that didn't make complete sense to me and I felt could have been developed more, but the music was great - so much so that its greatness brought tears to my eyes at points. I just love seeing super-talented people perform. A big bonus on Saturday was the fact it didn't rain! It was colder than I expected and windy, but no rain was great.

3) The third thing I wanted to share was the cool donut tee I got Jane at the Gap last night while shopping for Greg's birthday present. It's so so cute and she wore it today to school, and it was a huge hit. So I wanted to show you how cool it was but Gap doesn't have it on their website right now, so I will assume it is an excusive-to-Jane shirt. I now want a tee with donuts on it for my very own.

And that's my Tuesday report.


lgaumond said...

I agree with you on Glee. Major disappointment this season.

And who doesn't want a doughnut tee? Take a pic, maybe I can make you a matching one.

Debra said...

Sorry that Glee disappointed you; I too thought it was show made particularly for you. I've seen about three of them ev-er.

Glad it was dry and Memphis was good. What a fun mom-daughter night out!

I think you made the donut t-shirt up. I need to see the donut t-shirt! ;)

Tracy said...

Oh, I'm not happy about Glee's downturn. We are JUST watching Season 1 right now - going to watch final episode tonight. I LOVE the show so far. My soul literally MOVES within my body when I watch it. (I have an upcoming blog post about that) I hate that it is going to go downhill (or already has). My biggest issue with the show right now is their use of autotune. I was disappointed to hear they use it. I too felt like the show was made for me. Music was my life - I was going to major in it and make it my life until my parent's divorce and then I shunned it, so to speak. This show just speaks to my soul in so many ways. I've been hearing from several people that 2nd season has really sucked in many respects. Too bad. Sounds like you and your mom had a blast in Memphis though! Awesome!