Friday, April 08, 2011

weekend update.

And it’s Friday again, just like that. This week was full of birthday goodness (my mom’s was Wednesday; Greg’s was Thursday) and this weekend the birthday goodness will continue, with a little Christmas and Easter thrown in. Let me explain with this, your weekend update:

Tonight: Tonight we shall continue celebrating Greg’s birthday when we go out to dinner with his parents down at the beach. This afternoon has been hectic and now, on practically no sleep last night, I get to pick up Jane and drive an hour down to Westbrook. Luckily I really love where we are going. And there will most likely be cake, which is a mega-bonus.

Saturday: Merry Christmas, Greg! We are finally going to see that wretched train wreck of a Spider-Man musical on Broadway – yes, that’s two trips to NYC in less than a week! I bought Greg tickets for Christmas, because, as you know, Bono and The Edge wrote the music for this apparently god-awful thing, and I thought he would enjoy it. Gossip columns and terrible reviews be damned, we are going, although I really feel like I will probably indulge in a cocktail at lunch, because a) I hate comic books and comic book-related entertainment and b) if an actor falls on me, I want to be at least partially numb.

But seriously, it will be nice to spend the day with Greg, sans Jane, who will be spoiled to death at my sister’s during the day. I am sure she will get away with everything and have the time of her life.

Sunday: Jane and I are off to an Easter egg hunt at my friend Cathy’s house in the a.m., which will be fun and hopefully tire her out – I would love for her to nap on the way home and give me some down time before we head off to yet another celebration – this time for my mom’s birthday at my sister’s house. More cake!

Monday: BONUS WEEKEND DAY. I am taking Monday off because I am exhausted from all of this partying and directing and New York tripping and Broadway show-seeing. I mean, my life is rough.

What are you up to this weekend?


Debra said...

You savor every minute of your Monday off!

I hope the majority of the cake-promises came true for you this w/e!


and b) if an actor falls on me, I want to be at least partially numb.

You Know I Love You Right?
It's because you say stuff like that.


Anonymous said...

Great seeing you & Jane today! Hope she had fun. Olivia can't stop talking about her friend Jane! :o)