Friday, April 01, 2011

weekend update.

Dear Internet, It's the weekend! Yay! And, as you can imagine, it's party central here at the me, my dogs, my life abode. Currently Jane is eating chicken nuggets and watching Tangled and I am screwing around online and eating chips and salsa for dinner. So, in conclusion, it's fine dining and high art over here. Here's what's up for the rest of the weekend:

Saturday: Jane has a big playdate planned with one of her daycare peeps. So we'll be there in the a.m. Not sure what else I'm doing tomorrow but I really should be shopping for Greg's and my mom's birthdays, which are both next week, one right after the other. What's up with that? I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to do anything to prepare. I am mega-lamesauce.

Sunday: Going to NYC to see Memphis on Broadway with my mom. We go see a show together once a year. Shockingly, the weather actually looks decent - 50s and sunny. Woah. Usually it's raining and we're running around with our umbrellas.

That's all here! And this weekend, I am seriously signing off the internets. For real, this time. Let me know what you're up to!


Debra said...

Ah; I remember managing K's social life when she was little. She was incredibly 'social' and I've always been incredibly 'non-social' so it was fun, but tiring.

You know that I ADORE animated movies and am looking forward to renting Tangled. Maybe Jane can give me a review?

Have a blast with your mom at Memphis! I went to the site and listened to some of the music and have now added it to my "Theater I WILL See Someday!"


Debra said...

Dear Jane:

Hi! This is Ruby!

Isn't it funny how much Jimmy and I look alike!?

We could be twins!

Ruby Tuesday