Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This week. It has certainly had its highs and lows. Let’s review the highest of the high and the lowest of the low, shall we?

LOW: I burned the ever-loving shit out of the tips of three of the fingers on my right hand yesterday morning. I had ironed a pair of pants on Monday night, and on Tuesday, when I went to grab my pants off of the ironing board, for some reason I checked to make sure the iron was off by dragging three of my fingers on it. It had been on for 15 hours.

This is a new iron, and it is now my sworn enemy. I was in agonizing pain all day. I had to keep rotating ice packs, cups of ice and bags of ice – if I took my hand away from the ice for even a few seconds, it would start burning like holy hell again. Naturally, I barely said a word about it to anyone (read: IT WAS ALL I WOULD TALK ABOUT TO MY POOR, POOR COWORKERS), and I certainly did NOT repeatedly show them my blistering, red hand over and over.

After much urging from my co-workers to get it checked out (I think they just wanted me to leave) I went to the doctor because it really wasn’t feeling better at all- it literally felt like it had just happened, even though it happened seven hours earlier.

The doctor said they were second degree burns, gave me a prescription, and I have to go back on Thursday to see if they have to lance the blisters. GAG. I hope not. I finally was able to function without ice at about 7 p.m. – twelve hours later.

I’m not saying I’m like the guy in 127 Hours whose arm was pinned by a boulder and he had to cut it off to save his own life – but I think we have a little bit in common. I mean, I couldn’t use my right hand for most of the day yesterday, y’all. It definitely feels better today, though it still looks gross.

And I will never iron again.

Now, on to the high!

HIGH: My in-laws live in a house on the beach, and also have a small cottage nearby. They rent out both of their houses during the summer and live on their boat. Last year, we were able to stay at the cottage for a week rent-free, and it was our first family vacation with Jane. It was so awesome. And I just found out they are extending the same offer to us in June – for TEN NIGHTS! Epic. I am so freaking excited.

How is your week going? Highs? Lows?


S said...

Snot flew out of my nose when you mentioned 127 hours. (Silly me for taking a drink of water as I read your post). I'm so sorry about your hand. THAT IS PRECISELY WHY I DO NOT OWN AN IRON. THEY ARE EVIL.

And - yay! about the summer vacation. Something to look forward to. 10 days of blissful beach. And hopefully no 2nd degree burns. (READ: pack lots of sunscreen...and NO iron)!

Tracy said...

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. I can feel that from here! Ugh. Hope it heals quickly. I had a cousin who placed my HOT curling iron on the back of my neck while she was "doing" my hair. She thought it would be funny. It hurt like heck. UGH! I hope you have a good week though. :)

Elizabeth- Letters from a Small State said...

Low: Year 3 of life = lots of pee in pants and on floor and lots of "No I NOT!" and lots of growling.

High: 4:30 a.m. wake up to William and Kate and love and hope and sunshine in CT.

XO hope your fingers feel better sweet pea

happy me said...

"now my sworn enemy" You can be funny even when you're in pain!

NOTHING! hurts like a burn; NOTHING!


I'm thrilled for & envious of you with the place at the coast! ;)