Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hello? Is this thing on?

Ahem. Hello. How are you? Great. I'm good too.

So I'm new to Blogger. I have a blog over at Yahoo! 360, and while I like it, I thought I might move things over to here. Or do both. Or not blog much on either. Or whatever.

I couldn't think of a good title of this blog (the pressure, the pressure!) so I thought the one I chose was pretty simple, and basically reflected the things I talk about the most. Myself, my dogs, my life. Those who know me know it's the truth.

For example, tonight I took my puggle, Jimmy, to his final individual dog training class. He's been a real champ at home, with his sitting, staying, etc. But once again, he proved to be the class dunce (easy to do when you're the only one in the class) but not following any of my commands and making me look like a jackass in front of the trainer. Why? WHY? Why does he do this to me? Dog training classes have been so humiliating for me. They were with my Great Dane, Junior, and they sure have been with Jimmy. Can't wait to see what I'll be like with kids. Will I just be embarrassed when they don't get a good grade? Or I have to go to a parent-teacher conference? Scaaaary.


lgaumond said...

Yay! I always though you should have a blog. You're a great writer and you're so funny. I'm glad to know that now you have one. Now you can post stories and PICTURES of the pups since it's been like two months since I've last seen Jimmy and Junior. Last time, Jimmy only weighed 8lbs and fit into a cat collar. For all I know, he's bigger than Junior now... (are you feeling the guilt?)

Dwayne "The Train" said...

hi amanda,

You don't know me yet, but in just over one month, we will meet for the first time. I will not remember meeting you, but you will remeber meeting me, because I am pretty sure you knew at that moment that one day I would become an integral part of your everyday life. A few examples:

a few short years from now we will tweet each other almost everyday (I know "tweeting" sounds dirty, but trust me, you are going to love it);

you will often text me when you want to be snarky about something someone did on Facebook (do you even know what "The Facebook" is at this point?);

after you leave The Bushnell (I know you can't imagine that this will happen, but sadly it will), you will email me during work asking for gossip I don't have;

and, finally, I will comment so often and so awesomely on this blog, that you and others will start to worry I am obsessed with you.

So much is going to happen to you over the coming years (sorry I'm not allowed to provide spoilers), but I am positive that meeting me next month is very near the top of your future life-changing experiences.

Looking forward to meeting you soon,
Dwayne "The Train"

PS: In the future, please know that I will often accept invitations to all the delightful parties you throw, but then simply not show up. Please don't hold it against me. Flakiness is part of my cool mystique.