Sunday, April 16, 2006

Stick a fork in me - I'm done.

I'm sooo tired right now. It's only 8:30 and it might as well be the middle of the night. I successfully hosted my first family holiday today - Easter for 15 people plus two little kids (who don't count, food-wise, because one of them is an infant and the other is a toddler who is at that stage where she will eat very little for days on end - all she ate today was a few bits of lettuce. I won't count her as a huge food eater). I made a ham that everyone deemed very tasty - they could be lying to me for all I know, because I didn't have any of it (ham=gross). Everything else turned out good as well, and we all squished around my table and ate and drank and had a good time. Later in the afternoon we moved to the back deck, since it was so beautiful out. I just finished cleaning up the big mess and I'm about to go watch Desperate Housewives if I can stay awake that long. I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow! I feel like I could sleep for a week!

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lgaumond said...

Yay! You are Martha Stewart. Or Martha's funny, candy-eating, TiVo-watching, Easter dinner-rocking step-sister. See, isn't cooking fun?