Tuesday, April 18, 2006


God help us, I just saw on Yahoo! that Tom and Katie had their baby. It's a girl, her name is Suri, and they referred to her as "Tomkitten." Gag. Me. Now.

I also saw that Brooke Shields had her baby today too. It's sort of funny that they both had babies on the same day, due to their debate last summer about how to deal with post-partum depression.


Flann said...

Let the show begin!

lgaumond said...

I was making breakfast this morning when they announced the birth of the "Tomkitten" and I SWEAR they said the name was Jorie. My only thought was "Oh my god, I cannot WAIT to get to work and email the BBCS!" Bummer. I'm kind of sad that it's not Jorie. That cursed-Alice-Hoffman-evil-book name would have been perfect for that used-to-be-cool-now-so-weird couple.