Sunday, April 09, 2006

I heart NY

Yesterday I went to NYC with my mother. I bought her tickets to go see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee on Broadway for Christmas, and yesterday was the big day. Of course, it was soooo cold and rainy - it felt like winter, not like April at all - but we had a good time anyway. I wish we could have walked around more, instead of just rushing to get to the next dry destination, but at least it didn't snow.

The show was great - I was really looking forward to seeing it, so I'm glad it wasn't a huge disappointment or anything. There were a couple of draggy parts, in my opinion, but a lot of it was very funny, and I laughed out loud quite a bit. I give the actors a lot of credit- it's not easy playing young kids convincingly. Anyway, I definitely recommend it -and it's coming soon, to a theater near you!

And, as Murphy's Law will have it, it's absolutely gorgeous out today. Why couldn't it have been like this yesterday?

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lgaumond said...

I heart NY, too, but it's been three days and there's nothing new here to read! Come on, I'm bored, I want to read some funny Amanda writing or see some dog pictures!