Monday, May 22, 2006

My best friends (of the canine variety)

OK, this one's for Lisa, because she's annoyed that I'm not talking about my dogs. And I know I haven't posted any pictures, but I promise I will sometime soon.

I know I've referenced my dogs in the title of this blog, but I haven't talked about them much. So let me introduce you. I have two dogs, Junior and Jimmy. They have changed my life.

Junior is my Great Dane. We got him about three years ago, right before we got engaged. He was an adorable brindle puppy, about 18 pounds when we got him, all clumsy big feet. Now he's a 120 lb. adorable dog, and he, as those of you who know me know, is the number one pup of all time. He's truly a gentle giant - well, most of the time, unless he's chewing apart something that doesn't belong to him - and I think you could say he was my first real adult responsibility. No matter where we were, at some point, we had to get home to feed the dog or let the dog out. There was (and is) no way of going away for the night - or, God forbid, a vacation - without paying someone to watch the dog. I have lost countless shoes, t-shirts, even a diamond earring to this dog's curiosity. He hogs the bed more than you could possibly imagine, to the point where I think I'm going to have permanent back problems. His favorite snack is a long drink from the toilet bowl. But it doesn't matter - he's the best dog I have had and ever will have.

Jimmy is the newest member of our family. He is a Beagle-Pug mix and arrived on Christmas morning, after months of me trying to convince Greg that two dogs is better than one. He was only five pounds when we got him, and a bundle of excitable nerves. Where Junior was an extremely laid-back, tired puppy, Jimmy couldn't keep still, and still can't. He was so small that we could give him baths in a bowl in the sink, which was good, because it took him ages to housebreak and he was constantly walking around in his own poop (pretty, I know). He is about 20 lbs now, and has taken over the household. He follows Junior wherever he goes - he really considers Junior his best friend. He's very inquisitive - while Junior prefers to relax in a sunbeam, Jimmy is always - ALWAYS - checking things out.

Our house has dog toys everywhere, we are constantly vaccuuming up dirt and dog hair, we are constantly covered in drool, we can never go anywhere for long periods of time and I am up usually every single night in the middle of the night letting one or both of the dogs out, sometimes multiple times. I get the average sleep of a new mother with an infant, and now that spring is here, I have to be on the constant lookout for ticks. I can't eat a meal without standing up, because if I sit, they will just help themselves to whatever is on my plate, and we pay a fortune in vet bills.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

They listen to me whenever I need to vent, and they instinctively know when I need some love. They listen to all of the songs I sing about them, and they are mini-celebrities in our neighborhood and beyond. They believe that no matter how big or small they are, they are lap dogs. They get so excited when I come home, it's as if I had been away for years. I wouldn't trade anything for that.


Flann said...

Awwww! Now that is a serious dog tribute.

They're definitely celebrities in our little corner of downtown Hartford. That is to say the corner our building occupies.

lgaumond said...

YAY!!! Dog stories. Now, if only there were pictures... I have pictures on Flickr of the two pup stars. Here's the best one:

Amanda said...

That IS a cute pic of the boys!