Monday, May 15, 2006

OK, seriously, the tribe has now spoken.

A fairly good Survivor finale, if I do say so myself. I was never a huge Aras fan, but I'm glad he won over Danielle, because she annoyed me. And I had no idea that Terry was from Simsbury. Maybe I would have wanted him to win more if I knew he was a local boy. Nah - he was pretentious. Also, Aras looked a lot better when he was skinny and scruffy on the island. Now he looks puffy and weird.

In other news, Jimmy is now on the Old Navy dog mascot contest site, but Junior hasn't made it up there yet. And Junior is the one I think should win!

You can tell me to get a life any time now.


PghGuy said...

I haven't watched Survivor since "All Stars". I used to LOVE the show but "All Stars" did me in.

Amanda said...

Oh, All Stars was a fluke bad season. Although I have to say I did love Boston Rob. Come back - I promise you'll like it again!

PghGuy said...

Boston Rob????

I'd much rather look at the Richard Hatch's arse! Of course there will be a lot of that going on prison for him now lol!!!