Friday, May 19, 2006

Weekend Update

This weekend, I plan on really embracing the rain. I love it. No, really. Why would I want sun? Why would I want it to be nice? Why wouldn't I want to feel like I live in Seattle? Or Dublin? Those are very nice places. Sigh.

This weekend is a busy one. Well, more specifically, tomorrow is a busy day. I was invited to a bridal shower, a surprise birthday party, and a baptism, of which I am going to the birthday party and the baptism after-party. Sunday I have my first rehearsal for the improv show I am doing, so that should be fun. I wanted to see the DaVinci Code this weekend, but I'm waiting to see if Heather and I can actually make a plan to see it for next weekend, because I'd like to see it with her, if possible. I am hoping upon hope that the weather doesn't completely suck. I hear it's really going to be beautiful on Monday, which is perfect timing, because I'll be back at my desk at work that day.



Flann said...

Seattle has apparently been getting wonderful, perfect weather.

Damn them!

lgaumond said...

That's not my surprise party, is it? I'm still not convinced that my mom is out of the surprise party business. I better make sure my hair looks good tomorrow, just in case.

Amanda said...

Unfortunately, it is not your surprise party. Unless you changed your name to Kristina and you are married to someone named Paul. God I hope they don't read this blog. I'm fairly sure they don't know it exists.

PghGuy said...

Have a great weekend! I loved the sarcasm on the rain, we've been in the same exact boat as you (pun intended). And yes, next week is supposed to finally get nice!

I've heard bad reviews for the DaVinci Code movie; I haven't read the book yet but I'd prefer to read the book first before seeing the movie. Anyways I've found you can't always trust critics.

lgaumond said...

Well I'm sometimes called "Laura", occasionally "Lusa", but never "Kristina" and Luke does have a mysterious side, but I doubt he'd choose to call himself "Paul".