Friday, May 12, 2006


I mean, seriously. I'm so happy it's Friday. I don't even have anything exciting planned for this weekend. I have to buy my mother a Mother's Day gift, and we will be over there on Sunday, but other than that, I have no definite plans, which is wonderful. After a crazy week last week doing the show, and then this week just being insane at work, I need me some downtime!

Have a great weekend!


PghGuy said...

Hi, just happened randomly across your blog. Looks like you have some good stuff going on here. Our weather forecast is much the same as yours, sadly.

Look forward to reading more!

Amanda said...

Believe me, my rants about the weather never end. Just ask my officemates. And my friends. And anyone who crosses my path. I'm painfully obsessed. It's a sickness, really.

lgaumond said...
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lgaumond said...

You have a good weekend too! I hope Junior and Jimmy make you breakfast in bed on mothers day!