Sunday, December 10, 2006

back in the game

I think it's safe to say that I took a significant break from theater. As Alan reported, he and I were cast in Love Letters in Southington - it's a two-person show about a man and woman who write letters back and forth throughout their lives - you see how their relationship develops from childhood through middle age. It's pretty intense.

ANYWAY, we won't start rehearsals until after January 1, which means I will have taken a full two months off of doing a show. PLUS, we will only have to rehearse a few times. PLUS we are doing one performance out of four (there are three other pairs doing the other performances - people do this a lot with Love Letters). SO, I think it's safe to say that I fulfilled my promise of taking a break.

I was in Love Letters before at the Warner Studio in Torrington, almost three years ago. When we did our performances, I had bronchitis and my partner had walking pneumonia. It was scary stuff. Even so, we were reviewed by a local theater critic and she had only good things to say about us.

I am looking forward to doing a show with Alan again - I've been friends with Todd and Alan since we were all in a production of All in the Timing together at Hole in the Wall in 2001, but I haven't done a show with either one of them since! I told Alan at auditions that the letters in this show are much more interesting than if a show was written based on our emails back and forth during the work day, which would go something like this:

Alan: So, what are you having for lunch?

Amanda: I'm not sure. But I'm starving! And it's only 10:00.

Riveting stuff.


Flann said...

Well, we will have come to see this show of yours. The concept sounds interesting and how could I pass up seeing my blog buddies in a show?

The Diva said...

Ok, first of all, congrats -

Second of all, wow that made me laugh. Can you imagine a play based on OUR emails?

Amanda: I hate Vincent. What a loser.
Melissa: I know, he's a tool. What am I going to watch for the next 6 days?

Alan said...

Hey, I find our e-mails riveting!