Monday, December 18, 2006

hello? is this thing on?

Wow, ever since I quit the great blog-off of ought-six, I am MIA around here, huh? Well, it was a busy weekend. Friday, I attempted to do more Christmas shopping. Saturday, we went to another holiday party. Sunday, we took a break from the holiday partying to do some birthday partying, and celebrated the birthdays of my niece and nephew. My niece is 11; my nephew is 20. 20! Good Lord, I feel old. But then again, I was a very young aunt when I was 13. Still. It ain't right.

Last night was also the season finale of "Survivor." I've watched every episode of all 13 seasons of this show, and I must say, I really did enjoy this season. I was enraged at first, when they divided up the tribes by race, but it was a moot point after about one episode, and the rest of the season was really entertaining. I was happy that Yul won, although I would have been happier if Ozzy won. I know none of you watch or care, but still, I like to weigh my opinion in on the internets.

My TiVo is basically empty right now! It's barely recording any shows for me this week either. Am I going to have to go start reading books now?


Flann said...


You'd better update Christmas week or else I will feel very lost come 2007.

Noel said...

Dear Blog,

I am writing to say that I don't feel that I am truly in the christmas spirit. It's very crowded here and everyone is skiing or participating in some type of winter sport. I do enjoy the popsicles though. Quite tasty!

lgaumond said...

Welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you.

I can't believe Survivor has been on that many seasons. That makes me feel really old for some reason.