Friday, December 22, 2006

O Christmas tree

So, Greg surprised my bah-humbuggy self with a Christmas tree today! Up until today, we hadn't gotten one, and I figured we just wouldn't end up getting one this year. But when I came home from work, there was one up and decorated in our living room! It's kinda Charlie Brown Christmas tree-esque, but still. It was a very nice thing of him to do.

I've been wrapping presents all afternoon. Have I mentioned that I hate wrapping presents? This has nothing to do with having Christmas spirit or not. This is just a matter of I have no skills wrapping gifts, whether it be for Christmas, birthday, Groundhog Day, what have you. I used to hate it when I worked at Barnes and Noble and someone would ask me to wrap their books (it was a service we offered for free). Hey, they got what they paid for!


Flann said...

That Greg ... he's good people. Glad you got a tree. :)

lgaumond said...

Oh how sweet! That Greg, he's a keeper.