Wednesday, December 20, 2006

bah humbug

Well, I'm now 99% done with my Christmas shopping. Just have to get some stocking stuff for Greg and a present for a kid - which always proves difficult for me - I'm not good at shopping for little kids, because I don't know what they want, or what they have. I didn't have the strength to hit Toys R Us today, because the mall drained me of my soul enough as it is. I was about to lose my mind in there.

I guess, in the end, I just don't have a whole lot of Christmas spirit this year. We never had the time to get a tree, so although we have some decorations up, we definitely didn't go all out. I do like receiving the Christmas cards in the mail, but other than that, it's just not doing it for me this year.

That's OK. I really am looking forward to having most of next week off from work - I haven't taken a week off since the first week in July - so I am definitely celebrating something!


lgaumond said...

I know you feel. I WANT to have the spirit, but this year I feel more sad than I do Christmas-y. And I have next week off, too! YAY! I have vacation spirit, just not Christmas spirit.

Alan said...

Oh, Amanda McScrooge!! I've been a bit the same with no Christmas spirit (unless you count to booze) I blame the weather - it's too brown and grey and depressing for Christmas. And it's been too warm! A bit of white snow would make things look brighter and more Christmas-y.