Tuesday, December 05, 2006

deck the halls

Despite the fact that it's only 21 days until Christmas, despite the fact that I live near the mall and therefore cannot escape the holiday madness, despite the fact that I've been hearing Christmas music everywhere since before Thanksgiving, despite the fact that I've burned up several batteries for my digital camera working on a Christmas card picture of my dogs, and despite the fact that I've already gone to two Christmas parties, I am really not feeling the holiday spirit yet. I'm kind of there, but not there as much as I should be, considering.

However, tomorrow I receive my Secret Santa recipient at work, and I loooooove Secret Santa, so hopefully that will be the thing that kickstarts my Christmas cheer.

And with that - another Christmas card reject.


Flann said...

OMG so cute!!

I, too, am thrilled to receive my Secret Santa person tomorrow. I also went to Target tonight and grabbed the last pieces of my winter wonderland display so maybe that will help your spirit. Or I can just tap you with a roll of wrapping paper, yelling "BINK! CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!" like I was doing to Nate earlier.

Alan said...

Flannery, it may require more than a "BINK!!" Go for the full on "WHAP!!" :)

Amanda said...

I can assure you, that will not help my Christmas spirit.

Alan said...

Which won't help? The "BINK" or the "WHAP"? :) Someone should post pictures of the Secret Santa festivities!

lgaumond said...

Oh I miss Secret Santa!! Can I be an alternate? I'm so sad. Secret Santa was the best!