Friday, December 15, 2006

yeah, I'm here

Alan is disappointed with me because I didn't write about our Secret Santa festivities at work. But Alan should know that I don't write about work on this blog (it can only backfire, as far as I'm concerned) so all I will say is, Secret Santa was fun, and I got some nice stuff.

I took today off of work, because I had remaining vacation time that I had to use before the end of the year, or I would lose it. So far it's been really exciting. I watched a "Daily Show" from this week and started to watch "The Office," but Greg got all upset because he wants to watch it with me, and he had to go do some work stuff, so I suppose we will watch it later.

I have a lot I have to do this weekend, including mailing my Christmas cards, finishing my shopping, going to a holiday party tomorrow, and going to a birthday party on Sunday. December is not a time for the lazy and tired, that's for sure. Too bad I'm lazy and tired!

Did anyone see "The Biggest Loser" finale on Wednesday? It was awesome. This is one of my all-time favorite shows. I find it so inspirational and emotional. I really like how these people commit to spending several months away from their families so they can focus on losing weight and getting healthy. Sure, there is a prize at the end for "The Biggest Loser," but you can tell for most of them, it becomes about the lifestyle change and the emotional journey of losing a lot of weight. Because if you do it through diet and exercise - really, the only proven way to do it and keep it off - it's incredibly difficult. Back in the day, I was overweight, and during '99-'00, I lost over 70 lbs. That's nothing compared to what some of these people on the show lose - one guy lost over 50% of his body weight! - but it was hard for me, and keeping it off is even harder. It's very easy for me to gain weight, and to stay where I am now requires a lifetime effort.

Well, that's enough of that. Have a great weekend, y'all!

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lgaumond said...

Have a nice day off! My sister and her hubby LOVE the Biggest Loser and talk about it a lot so I feel like I've seen it. It does sound amazing.

After yesterday where I ate nothing but chocolate (and I'm not being funny, I truly ate nothing but chocolate) until dinner, I can appreciate trying to lose 50% of my body weight.