Thursday, March 26, 2009

good stuff

Sorry all of my blog entries have been so list-y these days - I'm so incredibly busy it doesn't seem like I have time to sit down and put together a "real" post. But so the most recent post isn't my s*** list, I've decided to list a few things that are good.

1) Got our tix to the U2 show in Chicago in September. This will be our first trip away from Jane. It's only a couple of days, but I'm sure it will be a little bittersweet (because I'm such a dork). Really looking forward to it, though. Except we need to line up babysitters! The dogs won't cut it.

2) Going to see In the Heights again this weekend, this time with my mom. I'm pretty psyched, although it's going to rain, of course. It always rains when me and my mom go to NYC. It's a tradition!

3) I'm going to be directing a show this summer solo. My friend and I usually co-direct the Summer Stage musical, but this year she's going to tech direct and I'm going to direct. Not positive on the title yet, but of course I'll let you know! (and beg and beg and beg for you to come, obviously.)

I have things I want to write about. Top of list is this whole "the Pope thinks the use of condoms will help promote the spread of AIDS" thing. Oh, how that enrages me. It's so irresponsible. I get telling people they should abstain until marriage. It's not realistic, but I get it. But telling people that condoms will help spread AIDS? So enraging.

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