Tuesday, March 03, 2009


There are times in your life for profound, deep, life-changing cultural experiences.

Last night was not one of them. Oh no, my friends, last night was the season finale of "The Bachelor," and it positively reeked with awesomeness. I won't bore you with all of the details (OK, maybe I will, but quickly - King Douchebag and single dad Jason had narrowed his choices down to Boring Molly and Boring-er Melissa. I thought he should choose Molly. Of course, he chose Melissa.) BUT THEN! On the much-anticipated, highly-emotional, too-rife-with-conflict-that-it-would-have-been-too-much-for-a-studio-audience-to-handle "After the Final Rose" special, Jason dumped Melissa! And chose Molly instead! And acted like such a fickle ass that it was almost hard to believe, especially for a show that's so unbelievable to begin with.

So, in conclusion, all I want to say about this (because I really can't add much more to the spectacular snarkiness of this and this) is it. was. awesome. And it totally made my week. And I can't wait until tonight's "After the Final Rose" Part Deux, because who knows? Maybe he'll dump Molly and pick Jillian, who he should have chosen all along anyway.

(I just thought it would be nice to have a happy post on here once in a while, even if it revolves around the show I am most humiliated to admit I watch. Oh wait, no - that would be "Rock of Love Bus.")

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Bridget said...

ho my gaaaah. i tried to watch this show once because i heard this season was set in New Zealand, and I am completely obsessed with that country. But after about 15 minutes of trying to steady my eyes as they kept rolling into the back of my head, I had to change the channel. It's tv like this that's really making me lose my faith in humanity.