Saturday, March 28, 2009

ye olden tymes

I was realizing today that, in a couple of weeks, this blog will be three years old. So I went back and read a bunch of older entries. And, despite the fact that probably 75% of them had to do with Jimmy's ear infections and anal gland issues, they were much more entertaining than anything I write now. If I managed to have a sense of humor when I was 14.5 months pregnant, why can't I have one now? I also used to write a lot more. Even if it was short and stupid, or just a quick review of a movie or TV show, at least I was prolific. So I'm going to try harder at this blog thingy.

For example! Right now I'm watching the movie W. And to that I say: meh. Not that great.

And tomorrow! Tomorrow I'm going to NYC to see In the Heights with my mom! But you already knew that. But it doesn't mean that I'm not still excited! So you get to hear about it again. And then probably again, after I go see it.

And the weather! Oh my, the weather today was delicious. I went out for a solo power walk and probably even burned four or five calories! I have a final weigh-in next week for a little mini Biggest Loser-style competition I have going with two of my co-workers. And, despite the fact that I have been actually trying, what with the EXERCISE and everything, and yet I think I've lost three pounds, at most. Over three months. This makes me very sad.

But! What doesn't make me sad is that I went to Target today, and found a pair of shorts that I actually like. They are long enough (I hate hate hate shorty-shorts, I don't look good in them, I'm sure I'm too old for them, they are bad bad bad work of the devil bad) and cute and they make me happy. So yay to that.

The end (for now).

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Lora said...

well, I love you now and I've never read your archives.

but I think this happens to us all. we are so zany and hormonal when we are pregnant, and then life slaps at us a few times and we talk about maladies.

poor us. poor moms everywhere.