Monday, March 23, 2009

my s*** list

Happy Monday! Here are the things that are bugging me today:

1) The weather. What the eff? Last I checked, Friday was the first day of spring. So what's with the 30-degree temps, hmmm, Mother Nature? Can't take it ANYMORE. Feeling a little postal when I have to defrost my car in the a.m.

2) I'm sick AGAIN. Just your typical head cold - sinuses, throat, ears, the works. And it pisses me off, because I was once again getting into a regular exercise routine. And now it's all thrown off and I'm sitting here eating chips and feeling sorry for myself.

3) Twitter. I suck at Twitter. Essentially, I don't think I'm good at it.

4) Sigh. Barack Obama, WTF with the Special Olympics joke on Leno? First of all, Leno sucks; you should have gone on Letterman instead (I know, you were in California, and Letterman is in NYC, but if you're going to be the first president to appear on late night TV, Leno was not a good choice.). Also - seriously. That joke was lame, and there is no excuse for that kind of joke coming from from your average person, never mind the President of the United States, and you forced me to nod my head in agreement when I read Sarah Palin's assessment of your appearance on the show. Come on! Don't make me agree with Palin!

5) And here's some good news - we're going to Chicago in September to see U2 kick off their US tour! We don't have tickets or a full slate of babysitters lined up yet, but it's going to happen! The ticket situation will be remedied Wednesday when we buy advance sale tix (of COURSE Greg is a special member of - did you really have to ask?).


Dwayne "The Train" said...

very ha*ppy to see that i am not on your sh*it li*st.

i like putting s*t*a*r*s betwixt words.

Laurie said...

Yep, Im with you on the weather crap and the Obama lameness. I hope you feel better soon!! : )

lgaumond said...

How can you suck at Twitter? I think you're a Twitter pro.

Sorry about all that other crap. Except for U2, that's a good thing.