Monday, March 02, 2009

please ignore my crazy weather-related ranting

So, you know when, in November and December, you hear the song "Let it Snow" and you think to yourself, "yeah, that WOULD be nice, oh, how I wish for a white Christmas, and oh, the snow makes everything seem so twinkly and magical and clean and wonderful" - and then in March, when you see more of that wretched evil white stuff pouring out of the sky you think "I WISH I COULD JUST KILL THE SNOW" - and the prospect of working from home or a snow day isn't even enough to make up for the fact that you have to shovel, and get your clothes all wet, and slosh through this shit for another week, even though it's MARCH, and SPRING is supposed to be here any second, and in San Diego it's supposed to be 71 degrees today and WHY THE EFF DO I LIVE HERE....

So, yeah. More snow today.


lgaumond said...

Amen to that.

Lora said...

every day of my life (from november until april) i ask myself the same question.

i'm 32.
i'm educated.
i have a good resume.
i have a car.
why the eff do i live in philadelphia?

Laurie said...

I'm right there with ya! Blech!!!

Alan said...

Am I the only one who loves the snow? In Canada, March is the midway point of winter. Today's snow would have been considered a minor inconvenience - not a reason to run to the grocery store Sunday and stock up like it was armageddon!

Lora said...

thanks for the comment over on my blog! i wanted to thank you properly but didn't have your email address.