Monday, December 20, 2010

reverb10 day 20: beyond avoidance

Today's reverb10 prompt is from author Jake Nickell:

What should you have done this year but didn’t because you were too scared, worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing? (Bonus: Will you do it?)

I’m sorry – I think I may be experiencing a little blogging burnout. Or maybe I’m just tired from staying up and watching the Survivor finale last night. Or maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep well because I was having nightmares that Jeff Probst is leaving Survivor (truly, I had a dream about this). Or maybe my brain is foggy from all of the excessive fatty holiday food and delicious alcoholic drink I ingested this weekend. Whatever the case may be – I seem to feel like all of my posts are getting a bit repetitive. When I read today’s prompt I thought I might as well just link to my post answering the “Try” prompt from a couple of days ago – I felt like they were so similar.

Instead, I decided to reword today’s prompt like this:

What should you have done this month but didn’t because you were too busy writing/reading/commenting on reverb10 posts? (Bonus: Will you do it?)

I had planned on keeping up with my more typical blogging (read: nonsensical and silly and noty typically deep) as well as doing reverb10, but it turns out I just didn’t have time. But good news for you – to answer the bonus question – YES! I will give you one of my typical weekend recaps today!

This weekend was total madness. After our giant holiday potluck feast at work on Friday (DELICIOUS), I went out to happy hour for the first time in like a year. We used to do stuff like that all the time around here, and I miss it! Then at night, I had my book club meeting, where we discussed Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter - and, you guessed it, ate and drank. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love book club and I love my friends. So glad we kept this up this year.

Saturday we finally went out to get the Christmas tree, brought it home, put it up, and decorated it. It was cool (and slightly tear-inducing) because this was the first time Jane helped decorate – she loved it and Greg took video footage of it (we’re finally getting good at remembering to capture the memories and what not). I’m so happy we have the tree because it makes everything smell so lovely and Christmassy.

Saturday night my niece came over to babysit and Greg and I went out to dinner. I hate calling occasions like these “date night” – I feel like that puts too much pressure on to have fun – a la New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day. (See, we don’t get to go out very often.) Instead, I said we were “hanging out,” and we did have lots of fun, even if the night included us arguing loudly about George Bush.

Sunday morning I baked a kajillion cookies and made taco dip and off we went to Greg’s family holiday party. Again, I stuffed my foodhole with lots of yummy food and drink. It was a blast but today I feel like I’m in a dip-and-shrimp-induced coma. I must detox this week before the main event this weekend!

So there you have it friends. An old-school-style blog post. We will be back to similar ridiculousness when January 1 rolls around.
PS I took this pic last night when we got home from the family party. That is our kitchen floor. Exhausted much, Jane?


Jess said...

Haha, I TOTALLY agree with the first part of your post! I was absolutely starting to feel like all my #reverb10 posts were starting to lap over and repeat themselves.

I liked how you mixed it up a little with your weekend recap! And it also makes me really excited about joining a bookclub this year!;-)

Shannon said...

LOL - I love it! (I am feeling redundant too). :)

Brian said...

So... what did you think about the Survivor finale?

Stereo said...

YES. It was all I could do not to smash the computer when I read that prompt. Love what you did with it; your weekend was infinitely more exciting than mine!

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes, I completely agree with the #reverb10 thing. It feels like I'm just retelling the same story over and over!!

And your weekend sounds lovely, I miss writing about my random stuff too! Haha.

Amanda said...

Brian - I loved the Survivor finale!

May-B said...

Sweetest picture ever. Poor little thing.