Sunday, December 26, 2010

reverb10 day 26: soul food

Today's reverb10 prompt comes from author Elise Marie Collins:

What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

Here's the funny thing: I typically loooooove to talk and think about food. I have never really written about food much - but, Lord knows, I enjoy eating it enough. Also, I'm not much of a cook. So there's that. Anyway, after everything I've eaten lately - not only over the past few days, but, really, the whole MONTH, thinking about food at this point kind of grosses me out.

HOWEVER. I thought of one particular meal when this prompt came across my email. And, as usual, I'm not really directly answering the prompt, but going around it a little. Because for me, it wasn't as much about the meal itself, but rather the experience.

Like I've mentioned, Greg and I really don't do a whole lot of going out on our own (meaning, without child). One weekend this fall, our friends from New Jersey - Greg's old college roommate and his wife - came to stay with us for a couple of days, and so I got a babysitter and we went out to dinner at this place. (This was after we went to see The Social Network that afternoon, which turned out to be my favorite movie of the year.)

Now, I'm not much of a steak eater. But in the spirit of the restaurant, I ordered the petit filet. And the Fleming's potatoes. and a couple of pomegranate martinis.

And maybe it was a mix of the friends, the conversation, and the lack of crayons at the table, but it was a really memorable and spectacular meal. But I'm sure the food had just a litttle bit to do with that. Because it was completely amazing. I definitely converted to steak after that night.

Can you believe there are just five days of reverb10 after this?


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Did you say pomegranate martini's? I have never had a martini. It is one of my goals for 2011, believe it or not. (I know, 48 years old and never drank a martini is pretty darned crazy...)

I love this story... I know how sometimes the best food experience is a combination of the actual dining EVENT and the food itself. Glad to know you found it!

(And I know what you mean - really? Only 5 days left?!)

I am grateful I found you via Reverb10 today!

You may read my Reverb10 posts here!

Shannon said...

I'm so with you on the whole subject of food being completely repulsive right now! I'm three days behind on reverb and can't get myself to respond to any of them. Ugh!

I like your ability to push through and find a great communal experience. Flemings rocks! I'm not a steak-eater usually either, but 2-3 per year are ok if they are at a place like that!

Stereo said...

mmmm. Steak. Any time, anywhere, baby! And pomegranate martinis? Yes please!

Elizabeth- Letters from a Small State said...

Being converted to steak is just a painful affair... because you might go back to that SAME place and never have as good a steak as you had that day.

One thing I can recommend... it isn't too hard to make a great steak of your own on the grill. Read a few sites about marinating and about how to grill it. try it out with a NY Strip or a ribeye (less expensive and very flavorful). Get the meat from the butcher in town that people recommend... not just from the grocery store. That part makes a difference.

Most important is to pay attention when the instructions tell you NOT TO TURN THE STEAK over and over again. That is key. It's hard not to fiddle with a steak on the grill (I am such a fiddler and I ruin food all the time. My VERY patient hubby is a much better cook)

Ok, I love this post. I totally get it. XOXO Hope you are having a lovely evening.

Patti Murphy said...

That's such an important element of soul food--the company.

Dr. Dolly (@drdolly) said...

Just had my first martini last wed--chocolate raspberry, but pomegranate sounds yummy. We brought our 3 yo to a fine dining restaurant, and he behaved so well chatting it up with the waiter. He's the prime entertainment for all of our dinner parties. I love steak, too!