Wednesday, December 22, 2010

reverb10 day 22: travel

Today's reverb10 prompt comes from author Tara Hunt:

Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

As has been the case for the past few years, our travel was very local. We took our first family vacation this summer – spent a week at a cottage at the Connecticut shore – and it was truly the best week of my year, not only because the vacation went smashingly, but because it really recreated the summer vacations of my childhood, which are some of my most special memories. I hope Jane feels the same way someday.

We also did a lot of traveling on (in?) Long Island Sound via the boat – sure, we didn’t actually have any particular destination (next year we plan to go to Block Island and possibly Sag Harbor) but we sure rode around a lot, and got used to manning the boat with just Greg and myself.

Traveled to New York, New Jersey, Boston – the typical places we hit every year.

But in 2011, I want to go further. I need to get away this winter – it’s a self-prescription to escape the winter blahs. I want to go somewhere sandy and beachy and warm. Even if it means I have to confront my fears about bringing Jane on a plane for the first time. (The number one fear being I am certain she will ruin the trip for everyone else.)

We plan on staying at the beach for a week again next summer, and possibly another week in Rhode Island. There is a trip to Cape Cod planned for the fall as well.

My personal goal is to not have any lame “staycations” next year. Enough of that. It’s time to GO.


Stereo said...

I say do it! Get on that plane and explore all the places you deserve to! I promise it's worth it.

Shannon said...

The pic is too cute. I spend a lot of time in Rhode Island for work. Took a train from Providence to NYC last summer and went through the quintessential New England towns.

But head to somewhere warm and beachy if you can. I take living in So-Cal for granted much of the time. Except when I am forced to go to Chicago in an ice & wind storm or Atlanta in the middle of hurricane season! :)

Here's to lovely NOT-So-Stacations this year.

Oh, and Jane on the plane? Fear not. She'll have everyone eating out of her hand, the little cutie!