Tuesday, February 22, 2011


What I WANTED to do today is post a picture of my dad from 1984 - see, today is 11 years since he died. I found the picture last night - it's of him and one of my beloved Cabbage Patch Kids -nd I thought it would be fun to share. BUT my scanner wasn't working right and then I got completely overwhelmed with work-related stuff that the day got away from me and I never had my picture scanned and there you have it.

I know I'm getting back into the habit of not blogging a lot lately. My life is currently work, rehearsal, home, work, rehearsal, home - and I think that's probably boring to hear about. And I don't have the energy to do any real deep-thinking blogging. I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I won't be participating in reverb11 - while others have been good with keeping up with the monthly prompts, and while I really, really love my new blogging buddies from that project, I think it's something I can do every other year or something - it's not my style of writing on a regular basis (because, as you've gathered, my style is much more superficial and complainy.) (I don't think complainy is a word.) (However.)

That's my report from the trenches on this February 22. Hope you are having a great week!


Dwayne "The Train" said...

if i had been at work, i would have scanned it for you because i'm cool like that.

S said...

I'm sorry for your sad anniversary today. My thoughts are with you.

Sounds like from your post that we are experiencing the same lull on the blogging scene. "Real" life seems to get in the way sometimes. Funny that we both posted about that today.

Hope all calms down soon.

Best, Shannon

Debra said...

That would have been awesome to have that photo of your Dad posted today on the anniversary of your losing him.

Maybe you can get it scanned this week and do a 'retrospective' of your week on Saturday?

Wish things would lighten up for you so you could just enjoy your show!

Stereo said...

Girl, I feel you. And my style is always complainy (it is SO a word).

Elizabeth- Letters from a Small State said...

I feel you on the whole reverb thing though I got some great things from it.

Cabbage Patch! love love! XO Thinking of you.