Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ice, ice baby

Well, as previously complained about on as many social networking sites as possible, today we enjoyed yet another snowstorm, this time with the added benefit of lots of ice. As you can see, my pet icicle is coming along nicely.

So today I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, a nice benefit of my job, when I am able to take advantage of it. Today was one of those days, because I had no meetings or any imperative reason to be in the office. Pro to working from home: giant window at my "desk." Con to working at home: endless - I'm talking ENDLESS - Nick Jr. blasting from the TV.

As for this, well - this was the other night, and it just cracked me up. Beware, intruders! We are armed, and we sleep with one eye open.


Dwayne "The Train" said...

Hey! Back off my icicle.

lgaumond said...

Winter sucks. It's beaten the funny comments out of me so that's about all I have to add. It sucks. Make it stop. Maybe sic Jane on it with her fancy sword. Make it pay for what it's done.

Jess said...

That icicle is MASSIVE! With all that clean white snow, at least you can make some killer kool-aid slushies!;-)

Debra said...

You have 'The Best' photos of the snow/ice/storms I've seen. That icicle has to hold a record!

One question; how come Jimmy doesn't sink through the snow/ice? It's a little eerie looking.

Jane with the sword? I cannot withstand this level of cute!!!

Stereo said...

I'm worried about that icicle. It looks awesome but I'd get rid of it just to be on the safe side! Working from home *le sigh* I WISH! And Jane is adorable - ready for action :D

Tracy said...

Oh, Nick Jr. I know that sound all too well! It is the soundtrack of my life right now. LOL!