Wednesday, February 09, 2011

how is it only Wednesday?

Seriously. How is it only Wednesday? This week has been completely balls to the wall. I am immensely busy at work and in my regular life, and the past few days have felt like a complete blur. Next week is shaping up to be off the hook busy, so I guess I shouldn't complain quite yet. Rehearsals are in full gear for my show, and I'm completely loving it. I absolutely love my cast and despite the fact that our rehearsal hall is barely over 60 degrees when we are in there, I am having a total blast. I feel like they all come there three times a week just to make me laugh.

But that leaves me with very little for blogging, unless you want to hear me talk about how busy I am over and over (which, seriously, is at least 60% of this blog. OK, 70%). As you can see, my posts are last-minute ramblings when I realize it's been a few days since I've written anything here. I've been fairly quiet on Twitter too. Real life has taken over, I guess. And the hectic pace of life right now is one of the things keeping me (relatively) sane during these dark, very cold, seemingly-endless winter months.

But I'm still here.

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Stereo said...

This is precisely how I felt yesterday morning when I woke up. This week is limping by and I am dead tired.

It's good that your life is propelling you through winter though. It honestly feels like it's never going to end in these parts.