Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So, yesterday's Fourth of July party was quite a success, if I do say so myself. Some highlights:

*The return of Flannery!
*Lisa's dee-licious Jell-o shots (which were polished off after she left)
*The massive fireworks display masterfully put on by Greg, Rob and Dimitry
*The kids' artwork on my driveway and front walkway
*The food, glorious food!
*Hanging out with friend and family
*The petting zoo downstairs - and the fact that Connor and Cole will probably repeat "poopy puppy" about a million times over the next week, since they were so entertained when I said it
*And last, but certainly not least - the fact that it didn't rain! Yeah! Especially considering it rained like a bitch elsewhere in the state.


lgaumond said...

You and Greg were wonderful hosts and it was a great party. Thanks again - and sorry about the hangover but you didn't have to polish off the Jell-O shots yourself, you know. You could have shared!

Flann said...

Yes, thank you for a great party! It rained like a bitch our whole way to Newport, so I was worrying about you guys, but I'm glad we kept it distracted long enough.

I can't believe I never got to meet the infamous, Jersey-City-dwelling Dimitry! You know, Jersey City being my old, uh, hood and all.