Thursday, July 27, 2006

weekend update, July 28 edition

You guys, I'm so freaking tired. Just got back from rehearsal, so I'm too wired to sleep, but not wired enough to stay awake. It's a bad, bad place. So I decided to write my exciting weekend update. Here goes:

Friday: Work. After work, I have to go get some car wash supplies (see Saturday for details). Later, maybe Greg and I will use one of our many gift certificates for dinner. I am hoping to catch up on my TiVo, specifically, Project Runway.

Saturday: Workin' at the car wash....we are doing a car wash fundraiser for Southington Summer Stage at the Outback parking lot in Southington. Come on. You know you want to come down and have me clean your car in a way I never clean my own. And for only $5! What a bargain. After that madness, we've got Larry's birthday party in the evening. I suspect this will be one of the last, if not the last, time I see Heather before she has that baby.

Sunday: I am hoping that we are going down to Greg's parents' boat with the pups to take them on their annual boat ride. Well, for Junior it's the annual boat ride - for Jimmy, it will be his first ever boat ride. But it really depends on the weather and everyone's schedule. At night, I have a particularly long Woods rehearsal. With less than two weeks to go, every rehearsal is going to be particularly long. I can't believe the show is this close.

Have a good one!

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