Sunday, July 09, 2006

save a few hours of your life, and don't read this book

I read the book The Washingtonienne by Jessica Culter last week. It's, like, seriously bad. In real life, the author worked in Washington on Capitol Hill, slept around with a bunch of political-types, blogged about it, and then got fired because she was blogging on work time. It was a bit of a scandal a couple of years ago. Basically, the book is a fictionalized account of that part of her life. I thought the book sucked. I thought it was poorly written, and there is no way I'm going to buy another one of her books, if she actually gets published again. I hope she made the most of her extended 15 minutes, because she's a one-trick pony, if ever I saw one. For a better account of all that happened, go to, and do a search on her name and also "The Washingtonienne" (which was the name of her blog). So much better than the book, and it's free!

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