Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm spoiled (or, my life without air conditioning)

I have always had central air conditioning. We had it in my house growing up, and I had air conditioning in most of my apartments (except for the Hartford apartment, or, what I like to call the ninth ring of hell). Anyway, our AC died last night. I am waiting at home for the guy to come and hopefully fix it. In the meantime, It's hotter than a monkey's butt out there, and I've got over 40 people coming to my house tomorrow - which is supposed to be a combo scorcher with thunderstorms. I'm trying to be Zen about the weather - really, what can I do if it rains? - but I have my fingers crossed and am praying to the weather gods that it stays dry, at least for most of the day!

But I am now happy, because I read that Lisa is making Jello shots for the party. YES.

ETA: The AC is fixed! Thank you, Jesus. And, more specifically, thank you Dale, the AC guy.

Also - now they are saying possible HAIL tomorrow? WTF?!?


Flann said...

I hear ya. I'm DYING in here. Our a/c died back in May and we're waiting for our landlord to replace the unit. Blah. In the meantime, I sit on the couch in front of the fan and try not to move too much.

lgaumond said...

A/C? What is this A/C you speak of? All I have out here is a freezing cold river to jump into.

Don't worry aobut the party - I'll bring some hard hats and we can sit out on the deck and dodge hail. Down enough Jell-O shots and you won't even notice the pain!

PS: I made chocolate-covered cherry, strawberries & cream, margarita, pina colada, purple passion and plain blue ones!