Thursday, July 20, 2006

weekend update, July 21 edition

How is it that it's almost the end of July? Where the hell has this year gone? Seriously. Anyway, it's only Thursday night, but I figure I'd do this now, since Lisa so looks forward to my weekend itineraries (I think because she realizes how lame I am and how much cooler she is than me).

Friday: Workity work work work during the day. Then I am hoping to get a pedicure because my feet need it. Tomorrow night we are supposed to go see an outdoors Hartford Symphony Orchestra concert. I am hoping that it rains. Can you believe I just said that? No, seriously, I'm sure it's going to be lovely, but if it rains, we are going to go see Clerks II instead. Later, I am hoping to stop by the Stonewell in Farmington, because a bunch of Into the Woods peeps will be doing karaoke, and I said I'd try to stop by.

Saturday: This is a very special day, because I get to see Todd and Alan at night. During the day, I'm sure we'll do chores, Borders run, Puppy Center visit, what have you. But at night - that's when the real fun starts, because I'm going out to dinner with Todd, Alan and Phil, and then Todd, Alan and I are working house at Hole in the Wall. We will also be seeing the show there that Phil directed, Love Valour, Compassion, which features NUDITY. It is sure to be a risque and delightful evening.

Sunday: Recovering from the NUDITY. Then a whole lotta I-don't-know-what, followed by a visit to my mother's and Woods rehearsal.

All weekend: Heather's baby watch. By which, I don't mean watch Heather's baby. I mean she's due any second now and I will be waiting for the call. Which probably won't come til next week, but you never know!

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lgaumond said...

Yay! Weekend updates are the best! And YOU are way cooler than ME! I never get to do a Borders run or a Puppy Center run. I don't get to see NUDITY on stage. Have a great weekend and I hope it rains here, too, so you can see Clerks 2. Even though Clerks really sucked, I still want to see the secon one.