Sunday, July 16, 2006


Yeah. That's about how you feel after a long day yesterday that included an ER trip for Greg (his ear is messed up, still no real idea what's wrong-he has to go to his regular doc tomorrow - but he'll live) and then the big show last night. It went really really well - there were times it was so packed in there you couldn't even breathe, and there were definitely a lot of, oh, how you say, characters there, include a bunch of very young chicks that were dancing in Greg's face - but we didn't get out of the bar until after 2. Navigating the streets (I drove with another girl) of Hartford as the bars are emptying out, with the streets literally teeming with drunken fools (the male half of which feel like they have every right in the world to taunt any girl walking by, even if she's an old lady like me), was not easy. Also, there was the obligatory trip to Denny's after all of the equipment was unloaded at Casa Guay. By the time my stuffed-with-fried-cheese-self came home, walked the dogs, and went to bed, the sun was rising. I didn't have one drink last night (I was desperately trying to avoid having to use the Federal bathroom) and yet I still feel like complete and utter hell. But it was a good show, and I'm happy for Greg. Rock on!

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