Tuesday, July 18, 2006

good book!

I just finished a really great book that I'd like to recommend to all of you blogsters out there. It's Faye Kellerman's Straight into Darkness. I love Faye Kellerman - she has a series of murder mysteries with the same detective character that I really enjoy - but this book was a little different, set in an entirely different timeframe with different characters. It takes place in Munich in 1929, as Hitler was coming to power. It's got a lot of German words to it, so (unless you speak German) it might be a little difficult to follow at first, but it gets a lot easier as it goes. The history of it is really horrifying - to see how a young Hitler begins to win over the Germans and create such hate against the Jews - but it is a very worthy read, both disturbingly educational (for myself, who does not know as much about 1920s-1930s Germany as I should) and also has an entertaining murdery mystery to it. And if you like it, check out her other books, as well as the books of her husband, Jonathan Kellerman, who I've been reading for years.

PS - See, I don't always read happy books.

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lgaumond said...

I'm shocked! this book definitely doesn't follow the rules of the BBCS. Sounds interesting though. Way better than Clerks. Sorry, I'm trying to like it from any angle possible but I just CAN'T!