Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am a whiny bitch, winter edition.

I had one of those mornings today.

A morning where I decided I am completely over winter.

I know, I know – our winter has hardly been bad. Not much snow at all yet (although we are supposed to get a couple of inches tonight, and then six more on Saturday), and it’s been pretty mild – lots of days getting up to 40. But still.

I try to go walking in the mornings, five or six days a week. I usually do three or four miles, depending on the route. This requires me to get up before the sun, layer up like nobody’s business, and head out in weather that most people try desperately to avoid. I can handle temps 18 and above (wind chill included). I used to go out in even colder weather, but now, this is what my limit is.

This morning, it was 12. So I had to head down to the dreaded treadmill. The dreadmill, if you will. I hate that GD thing. So much. I would SO much rather be outside, even in the freezing cold – it clears my brain, I see nature and shit (not literal shit) (OK, sometimes dog shit), and watch the sun rise. I can’t say I really enjoy it, because I loathe exercise and much prefer sleep, but it’s infinitely better than marching along on that *(!&*(&!()*& treadmill. Which we are lucky to have, I know, I know.

Also, this morning, I decided I hate every single winter thing in my closet. I hate my sweaters, pants, and dog-hair-covered coat. I hate my scarves and my boots, and I really hate my gloves. I mostly hate how dry my skin is. And itchy. I hate scraping ice off my car, and surprise patches of black ice.

It’s getting lighter out. I noticed this last night. The sky wasn’t completely black by 5 p.m., which is a vast improvement from a month ago. And at 6:30 a.m., the sky was lightening up again, instead of 7:15, like a month ago. Before you know it, I will be able to get out there in my shorts and t-shirt, at a sunny 5:30 a.m., the chirping birds cheering me along the way.

Oh, I can’t wait. Sixty days ‘til spring.


lgaumond said...

I will join your I Hate Winter club and volunteer to be vice president. I hate layers and socks and coats and being cold and frizzy-haired. I miss shorts and bare feet and being outside without feeling miserable. Winter is the worst. (The treadmill, however, I actually like.) 60 days, you say? Do you think we'll make it?

Tracy said...

And I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. I hate - well not really hate - but dislike summer. I love my turtlenecks and thick woolies and sweaters and coats and bundling up and fires in the fireplace and the crisp cold air. I have energy now that I don't have in the summer. Funny how different everyone is isn't it? It would be a boring world if we all liked the same things. :)