Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend recap.

Well, I promised I would report back on the weekend, so here goes (I hope you’ve had a dose of caffeine – this is NOT an exciting post).
On Friday, Greg and I didn’t end up going to the movies – we went to dinner here instead. We had a gift certificate from our anniversary back in October. It was delicious, as always, in particular the Nutella Pie (OMG). I also got to hear about prom drama from my niece, who is a junior in high school, and who babysat Jane while we went out. Jane had a great time looking at the prom dresses in my niece’s magazine – total highlight of her night. I am doomed.
Saturday was basically an errands day – mall, Target, lunch, that sort of nonsense. We watched “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” at night, at the recommendation of my friend and frequent-blog commenter Dwayne, and it was awful. I mean, the movie itself wasn’t awful, but I forbid myself to watch any and all animal movies, animated or not, and I have no idea why I thought this one would be OK, but basically I was sobbing at the end at poor Greg who had to listen to me go on and on about all the mistreatment of animals (specifically, apes) that happens in the world. Because all of the sudden I was an apes rights activist. A passionate one, at that.
Sunday morning I went to church. I plan on blogging about my feelings on Jane’s religious upbringing in another post – but I was raised Catholic, we got married in a very lovely Catholic church in our town, and I returned there for the first time since Jane’s baptism four years ago yesterday. It was interesting. More later.
Yesterday afternoon we went down to the boat to make sure it was doing OK in its winter home (Greg used to want to check on the boat weekly; we’re now down to once a month or so) and had lunch here. Then we went over to Essex to feed the ducks, and managed to get tangled up in the big crowds for their annual Groundhog Day Parade of Epicness. No seriously, there were tons of people out, and many of them were wearing very lifelike groundhog hats. It was slightly insane, but mostly awesome.
So that was my weekend. Nothing too exciting, pretty standard January weekend, but I’m glad we didn’t slop around the house too much, because that makes me feel like I’ve failed somehow.
One interesting thing that happened this weekend – Jane all of the sudden has a lot of questions about babies. Some things she shared with me this weekend included the fact that girl babies grow in mommies’ bellies and boy babies grown in daddies’ bellies, and also that babies make their way out by way of the mouth. So I set her straight on that, but man oh man, the questions are coming fast and furious right now, and out of nowhere! She hasn’t yet asked how the babies get in the mommies’ bellies but I can only imagine that it is coming soon.
This week features: dance class tonight for Jane, kindergarten visit on Wednesday, a show on Friday night, swimming lessons starting on Saturday, a fundraiser on Saturday night, and Superbowl on Sunday. Oh, and work.
Have a great week!


Bryan Austermann said...

Instant passionate activist. Great! Church... eh. Groundhogs. I feel like there shouldn't be that many groundhogs in one place ever - alive or otherwise. Oh Jane. She's an awesome gal. What show are you seeing Friday night!?

You heard about part of my weekend. Pretty great. Then I saw Chinglish's closing night. It was good, not great. And this coming weekend.... SPIDER-MAN! I know you cannot wait to hear about that one.

Bryan Austermann said...

OH also... it wasn't boring!

Greg said...

Bricco is our favorite restaurant. Linda and I got engaged there. :-)

Dwayne "The Train" said...

please call my cell and leave me a voicemail in which you read this blog post to me, as it is too much words to read.