Friday, January 13, 2012

weekend. update.

It’s the weeeekend! Yay! I am exceedingly glad it is Friday. Here’s what’s uppity up:
Friday:  After my standard weekly moms’ happy hour,  I am having the cast/crew of the show I was in in the fall over for a reunion/DVD-watching party. So excited to see everyone again, I cannot even tell you. Not as excited to watch the DVD – I cannot stand hearing myself talk. SIDE NOTE: I always buy the dvd of whatever show I’m in/direct, but I never watch it. It stresses me out too much. I just want to let the show go off into the ether, you know?
Saturday: We are road-tripping to a friend’s 40th birthday party. This has been quite the production to orchestrate this week, and features three visits from a dog-sitter, an overnight at grandma’s and grandpa’s for Jane, and another babysitter on Sunday. I mean, honest to God. We are going to be gone for, like, 26 hours or something. Why so difficult?
Sunday: Return from road trip, laundry, etc, etc.
Monday: Bonus day off for MLK Day! I have a theater board meeting Monday night, and I may take Jane to an open dance class in the afternoon.
And what are you up to?


Brandeewine said...

Your weekends are crazy, girl! Sounds like fun!

We have dinner with friends tonight. I intend to drink a cocktail or three!

Tomorrow, it's football, football, football, as the winter season has started.

Sunday, I'm thinking we're making an excursion to IKEA. The Mr. needs a new chair, as he's just about destroyed my lovely, yet oh-so-fragile Pier 1 chair!

Have a great weekend, travel safely & enjoy the long weekend!

Bryan Austermann said...

I'm back! DVD watching party sounds fun! I used to hate listening to myself, but then I created the DVD and had to listen to myself over and over again in the editing process and have gotten used to it. I like having the keepsake to go back and visit the show!

My weekend! Friday: Reading your blog.
Saturday: Birthday lunch for my grandma. Then with friends at night.
Sunday: Trip to NYC! Hopefully seeing Godspell again! And possibly staying over and seeing a second show at night.
Monday: Maybe I'll start my homework.

Tracy said...

Fun time, Amanda! Have a great weekend! We are up north at my mom's. Tomorrow - going to the farm to visit the uncles and watch the Packer game and go sledding! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jason said...

Sounds like the plans were well laid, and since it is Sunday before I got to read this I know that you were having a great time at the party since I saw your tweets regarding the state of your inebriation. I hope the hangover gods were kind to you.