Tuesday, January 24, 2012

things I am loving today.

I was just outside doing my exercise bidness in the spring-like weather we are having today, and I was inspired to do a quick little list of the things I am loving today:

  • 51-degree weather in January
  • Blue skies to go with that temperature
  • The fact that most of the snow has melted
  • Some good projects at work that are keeping me busy but not panic-attack-inducing busy
  • I have a babysitter on Friday night
  • Going out to dinner with some of my theater ladies tomorrow night
  • I am about to bring Jimmy to get his anal glands expressed (whoops - I think that belongs on Jimmy's list)

Are you loving anything today?


Jason said...

I would worry about Jimmy if that made his list. Glad to see that you're having a good day. Always good to see somebody happy.

lgaumond said...

This weather has been awesome.

If Jimmy's keeping a list of things he loves, I think you should really share it with us.

Dwayne "The Train" said...

my wife will be home in about two hours! i love that. for reals.

Bryan Austermann said...

I love that Angela Lansbury is at Godspell tonight.
I do not love that I'm doing homework instead of watching the show with her.