Friday, January 06, 2012

weekend update.

You guys! I always do this. I do a full month of blogging, and then I rely on pictures to carry me through the next couple of weeks. Sorry I've barely posted a word here since reverb, but I hope you've enjoyed my pics from Christmas and New Year's. I thought I'd ease back into this here blogging thang with a weekend update. Here we go:

Today: Resuming my daycare moms' happy hour this afternoon, after a bit of a holiday hiatus. Very excited to hang with the ladies again. Then we're off to the mall to get Jane yet another "special treat" for yet another full week of no crying at daycare drop-off. Sometimes I forget what I share between here, Twitter and Facebook, but she was having horrendous meltdowns at daycare drop-off, and it just sucked. So the teacher suggested a sticker chart - for every good drop-off she gets a sticker, and if she goes though a whole week without puddling on the floor in in an epic pile of tears, she gets a special treat. Sure as shit, as soon as we started this, drop-offs have improved drastically. So it's off to the Disney store yet again - but oh, it's so worth it. I thought sticker charts worked for shit - but I am a true believer now!

Saturday: It's supposed to be near 50 degrees (!!!!!) tomorrow, so maybe we'll head up to UConn to see the horses, cows, etc. Nothing like a big dose of manure stank to liven up a weekend, right? Then we are going out to dinner with the in-laws for my father-in-law's birthday tomorrow night. Lobster roll, here I come....

Sunday: I believe a couple of Jane's daycare peeps (and moms) are coming over in the morning, and then going to my mother's house in the afternoon.

And what are you up to?


Dwayne "The Train" said...

what do i have to do to get a sticker chart to reinforce my good behavior?

lgaumond said...

If you head to UConn Saturday, swing by on the way home. Jane can visit the chickens! We have NO plans and I am thrilled.

Jason said...

I still wish I was able to troll the hot Mommy daycare table. Sounds like a pretty good weekend. Enjoy.
P.S.- My weekend may prove to be epic, will keep you posted.