Friday, January 20, 2012

weekend update.

So the snow came last night. And more is coming tomorrow. It’s finally winter in CT. And, really, I’m OK with some snow. But after tomorrow, I would like it to be 70 and sunny. Every day. OK? OK.

Despite the fact that the roads were slippery last night, I could not bear to go on that GD treadmill this morning – so I did my walking outside. And I maaay have pulled some strange muscle in my back from navigating the slippery roads and trying not to get hit by cars. But it’s STILL better than going on that blasted machine. (Well, until I get hit by a car, anyway.)

But it’s Friday! And I am exceptionally grateful for that. I don’t know why this week has seemed long, particularly since it’s only been a four-day work week, but that’s just how I feel, and there’s nothing you can do about it. My weekend isn’t really that thrilling, actually, so I’d really love it if you could share your plans in comments! I am already certain they are more exciting than ours.

Friday: Getting my hair cut this afternoon! Oh, it needs it so bad. Usually I just go in and get my bangs trimmed so they are out of my eyes, but this time I need the whole she-bang. Split ends are just not hot, you know? My hair is about as long as it’s ever been, maybe since high school. At some point I’ll cut the whole thing off – probably this summer. After that and assorted errands, it’s my standard Friday night happy hour – whoop, whoop ! – and then I believe the thrilling Friday night plans include us going shopping for a big-kid’s bed for Jane. It’s time to get rid of the toddler one. Ah yes – the thrilling life of suburban parents. I’m sure your envy knows no bounds.

ETA: I wrote the above paragraph before I went to get my hair cut. I am home from that now, and I am annoyed. It's a blah cut and it's expensive and I just found out my hairdresser lady is going to a different salon - locally, but still, this might be a chance to try someone new out. I've gone to her for the past 10 years. She's good and everything but maybe it's time for a change.

Saturday: The aforementioned snow will be falling for much of the day, from what I hear. Hopefully we won’t drive each other crazy from being trapped in the house. I have book club tomorrow night, where I will get to hang with my lovely friends and discuss this. (I liked it.) (Hopefully I will come up with more to say than “I liked it.”)(Because I like to pretend I have the smarts.)(Also, I've helpfully diagnosed several people I know with Asperger's, because I now consider myself an expert.) (I am not.)

Sunday: Going to see some friends in the morning, including one of Jane’s besties, and then going to go visit with my mom, who is returning this weekend from a week in Florida, during which she will have missed two snowstorms here. Jealous? Moi?

So, seriously, what are you up to?


Dwayne "The Train" said...

so much words. i didn't make it beyond you getting hit by a car, but i am sure the rest of the blog post is very lovely.

this weekend will be the weekend that i decide whether or not i need a snowblower. i really don't want to get one because i can think of a multitude of better things to do with that money, but i am also very we will see.

my wife is out of town, which means i will probably spend a lot of time drinking. in fact, my plan is to get drunk enough that i talk someone into driving me to buy a that's exciting.

there will be some schooling, some football watching, some consulting, some eating things i'm not allowed to eat when my wife is home, and probably some other doings i should not discuss on your blog. you know, for the kids.

Bryan Austermann said...

Really, I could just leave a very simple comment and my weekend would already be way more exciting.

This weekend, I'll be living in NYC.

But... I will elaborate. This is where is gets boring. I have to do my homework (which I am avoiding right now) because I didn't do it in silly Mass. BUT I also plan to play the lotto for Priscilla on the Broadway.

Also... I just had my interview for BroadwaySpotted. I think it went quite well!

lgaumond said...

My sister is a fantastic hairdresser... Just saying.

I will be doing nothing this weekend. Luke just left for work, so my Friday night will include exciting visits to my treadmill and my couch. Luke has a haircut tomorrow morning and I will be staring out the window and crying as the snow falls. Sunday were supposed to work on refinishing the floor in the boat. That's about it.

See? Compared to my weekend, yours is super exciting!

Tracy said...

I'm going to my friend's house tomorrow for book club and lunch. :) We were going to go geocaching but it is too cold for that right now. I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend with the family other than that! Maybe get groceries and then stay home and just veg!

Stereo said...

Blah, drat and damn, my love. I hate that you've had snow. MAY IT MELT AT ONCE.

The weekend is over now but mine was spent bouncing between the gym, the supermarket, various rooms in the house and my bed. Have I mentioned that weekends aren't long enough?