Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wednesday check-in

Oh, hey, blog.

So it’s been busy round these parts lately. Last weekend went off great – Jane had a fun time at my in-laws’ house, and we had a blast at the surprise party in Jersey. We even managed to get there without going over the GWB, which we somehow always end up doing, and it always sucks (cue MUCH MUCH swearing from Greg). Tappan Zee Bridge, for the win! Anyway, it was so great to hang with adults, and sleep late (EIGHT O’CLOCK OMG, THE SUN WAS UP AND EVERYTHING), and see friends we haven’t seen in a long time. And, truth be told, it's just all around much easier to socialize when all the kids are with babysitters.

My little theater reunion on Friday night was great too. But man oh man, it made me want to do another show SO BADLY. I had a theater board meeting on Monday night, and we have plans to start rehearsing a show (a straight play) in March to go up at the end of May, and then a bigger musical in the late fall. So I’m really looking forward to being involved in those, in one way or another. I am such an epic nerd, I know.

On Monday evening, I took Jane to her friend’s ballet class – it was “bring a friend” day – and she adored it. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that Jane was in another dance class at a different studio when she was 3. I took her out of the class because she just wasn’t ready – she would leave class early all of the time, she wasn’t really paying attention – I think she was just too young. SIDE NOTE: I also couldn’t stand some of the other parents there. They were super-judgmental, and it drove me nuts. I just don’t like discussing body types of four-year-olds, you know? They are just kids! Shit!

But she had so much fun at this class – managed to stay in there the whole time without coming out to see me or use the bathroom or anything! I contacted the school yesterday to register her for the rest of the year, and I was able to get her in the same class with her friend. So that will be Monday nights for us until June. I’m really glad I was able to get my shit together and do this for her, because I know she was really wanting to. Plus their rehearsal space is super new and cool – it’s part of a larger performing arts center at a university, and I love it.

What else, what else – just going back and forth with a friend to figure out our July vacation, trying to get back into exercising (I have divebombed in that area over the past week or so, and I don’t want to lapse too long), trying not to let the dark winter depress me, and keeping my eye on the spring.

 How are you this Wednesday?

PS I know I don't have a designing bone in my body, but I really wish I was at this right now.


Bryan Austermann said...

Late May you say??? Maybe I can come watch!!

Stereo said...

Girl, you have no idea how much I admire you for your love and dedication to the theatre! Frankly, I'm too much of a pussy to get up on any stage without being forced.