Thursday, January 12, 2012

class of '25

So last night Greg and I went to a kindergarten registration meeting at Jane’s future elementary school. As you know (especially if we are friends on FB), I was a tiny bit freaked out about this – it’s not like I can’t handle her going off to school, of course I can – I just can’t believe we’re here already!
At this point, I’m mostly excited about it. The school seems great and the teachers seem awesome, as did the rest of the faculty that spoke at the meeting. They are BIG TIME encouragers of reading to your kid, every day, as much as possible, and as a huge reader myself, I am ALL IN.

Over the next few months, we will be returning to the school with Jane for monthly meetings/activities. This is great, because it gets the kids acclimated to the space and the teachers before they officially start in September. Of course, I had no idea that the kids and parents would be separated beginning at the next meeting, which is three weeks away….this should be interesting, to say the least. Not sure how great Jane will do going off with a teacher and a bunch of kids she doesn’t know right away, but maybe she’ll surprise me and just go with the flow. (SPOILER ALERT: She won’t surprise me. I know my kid.)

There is a part of me that is just so nervous for Jane. It seemed like a lot of parents already knew each other at the meeting, which makes me think their kids know each other too. Of course, I realized that they might know each other because they have older kids in the school too – not everyone is “one and done” like we are. I just want to make sure Jane has friends, you know? I don’t want her to be an outcast, all alone when the other kids are playing together.

In my heart, I have hope this won’t be the case. She certainly hasn’t had any trouble making friends at daycare. She has quite the posse there. I just wish they would all move on together to kindergarten – but unfortunately, that’s not the case. There is a neighbor kid down there street who will be in her grade, but not necessarily her same class. I'm such a nerd to worry about this stuff  - I know - but I can't help it.

It really feels like we were here five seconds ago. They are not lying when they say it goes by super-fast. People say that shit all the time - "enjoy it, they grow so fast, blah blah blah" but man. Truth.

PS Nothing made me do a double-take more than seeing the “Welcome Class of 2025” sign when we walked in. WTF?!?! Won’t we all be flying in spaceships by then?


Tracy said...

I'm right with you! AnneShirley will start either this year or next year. I'm really nervous because I'm sending my precious child out into the world. I know she will be fine, it's others and how they treat here, that I'm worried about. Will she get bored? Will she be challenged enough? Will she be safe? Sooo many questions run through my mind. I want her to stay little forever - at times - not logical, I know but still. She's my baby. Time is going by too fast for sure. It's going to be uber difficult for me when she goes to school. I hear you. I feel you.

lgaumond said...

2025 IS SO FAR AWAY INTO THE FUTURE!! By then, won't we all be part of the Matrix?

Dwayne "The Train" said...

"I'm such a nerd..." correct.

Bryan Austermann said...

This was swell to read! Jane's pretty freaking awesome (said without ever having actually met her - but I hear some things 'bout her through the Twitterverse.) and I'm sure she will make friends! If not, I'll come down and beat those little punks..... I mean... I won't hurt the children.

Oh. And she may not surprise you in three weeks, but she'll get over it I'm sure. When I was small (wait, that happened?) I did not do so well at the separation thing. But I got over that in a hurry. And turned out as normal as can be! - Or... next to normal.

I enjoy reading your little blog you got going here! Fancy.